Closing an OPC

Closure of LLP

  • Close the Company, not dreams.

The ghost of company should not haunt you in future. Many entrepreneurs and business persons who have registered an OPC often have a common question, “How to close one person company?” Well, the process is quite similar to the closure of OPC. One Person Company or OPC is a significant milestone of the Companies Act 2013. This concept was introduced to help entrepreneurs and solo-founders quickly register their companies without the compulsion to get more partners. It enabled their business to function as a separate legal entity and offered all the benefits of a company. Even though OPC has just one founder, it is legally required to follow compliances similar to other registered entities. This also includes a procedure to Closing an OPC Company as per a set procedure laid down by the MCA. If the closure of OPC is not done correctly, it can warrant penalties and fines including the ones for non-compliance. You can check the basic requirements which make any company eligible to apply for the closing of one person company from here.


Power of a company to one.

  • Easy and convenient

The Companies Act provides a convenient and easy way for one person company closure and avoids the requirement to wait for the closure window.

  • Cost-Saving

Strike off of your company will ensure you save financial resources otherwise utilized on filing, audits, etc.

  • Avoid Penalties

Even if your company is not operational, you will have to adhere to the compliance and face penalties on failure to do so. strike off of the company will free you from such compliances.



Close the deals, accounts and file the documents.

  • Arranging the Documents

Arrange to provide the documents as per the checklist shared.

  • Bank Closure

Close the bank account if available and arrange to provide closure certificate.

  • Documentation

Get NIL statement of accounts from Chartered Accountant and prepare documents as required to be attached for filing.

  • Filing of Form

Filing of Form STK 2 with the Registrar of Companies within 30 days from the date of obtaining consent of the member for strike off the company.


Documents Required

Almost same documents used while opening it.

  • Copy of PAN card of all the Directors.

  • Copy of Aadhar card of all the Directors.

  • Certificate of Closure of Bank Accounts of the Company.

  • Copy of Pan card of the Company.


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