Agmark Certification

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  • Get a confirmation towards scientifically laid down quality standards.

A trustmark ascertaining quality of the goods. Get edibles certified. Agmark’ is a Quality Certification Mark of the Government of India given to products confirming to scientifically laid down quality standards. AGMARK is a confirmation mark employed on agricultural items in India, guaranteeing that they conform to a set of standards affirmed by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an office of the Government of India. The term AGMARK was presented by joining the words ‘Ag’ to mean agriculture and ‘mark’ for a certification mark. This term was presented initially in the bill introduced in the parliament of India for the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act. The present AGMARK standards cover quality rules for 205 distinct commodities spanning over an assortment of Pulses, Cereals, Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils, Fruits and Vegetables, and semi-prepared items like Vermicelli. The AGMARK affirmation is employed through completely state-possessed AGMARK research centers situated the country which act as testing and certifying centers. In addition to Central AGMARK Laboratory (CAL) in Nagpur, there are Regional AGMARK Laboratories (RALs) in 11 nodal urban areas (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur, Kochi, Guntur, Amritsar, Jaipur, Rajkot, and Bhopal). Every regional laboratory is furnished and has practical experience in the testing of results of regional significance. Benefits to the humanity and to the business.


Quality. Trust. Profits.

  • Agmark certification is given to those agricultural products that have passed through quality tests and is providing genuine reliable products. The Government of India provides this certification.

  • Agmark is mark that is certified by the government. Governed under Agricultural Produce Act of 1937, this certification shows that the agricultural products good standard as well as good quality. When you see the word as a whole, you can see it as a combination of two words: AG+MARK, where AG stands for agriculture and mark stands for certification. This mark includes the following types of products:



Application. Submission. Certification.

  • Persons desirous of grading and certifying a notified agricultural commodity under Agmark can apply to the nearest field office of the DMI. The application form and list of required documents can be obtained from the nearest field office or from the DMI website by clicking the icon ‘Agmark’.

  • Persons desirous of grading and certifying a notified commodity under Agmark should have necessary infrastructure to process the commodity and have access to an approved laboratory for grading or can have their own laboratory. Such persons can apply to the concerned office of the DMI and Certificate of Authorization is granted after verification of the necessary infrastructure.

  • The approved Chemist tests the raw material and the processed commodity before getting it packed in a suitable packing material/containers.

  • The field officers of DMI keep regular check on the commodity graded and certified under Agmark by drawing check samples from packers’ premises and market.

  • These check samples are analyzed in Regional Agmark Laboratories and action deemed fit is taken if the graded commodity is found not conforming to the prescribed standards


Documents Required

Easily available, compulsory documents.

Documents to be given along with application:

  • Sketch of the premises

  • Declaration regarding:

o Proprietorship/Partnership etc

o Ownership of the premises

o Ownership of trade brand label

o Use of good grade quality containers for packing commodities. (All declarations has to given in five rupees stamp label attested by notary public.)

  • A copy of licence from Panchayat/Municipality

  • Bank reference:- Letter from the bank regarding the transaction to the packer with the bank.

  • List of machineries

  • Specimen signature of authorised persons attested by the proprietor/managing partner.

  • Medical fitness certificate of employee.

  • Specimen copy and sketch of trade brand label



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