Virtual Conference

Make an eye contact.

Interact face to face. Convey emotions.

Virtual solution. Real help.

Why virtual conference with LawDocs
  • A must for corporate houses
  • Discussion on legal problem and finding of solution
  • Useful for global clients
  • Distance does not matter, it is only the first step, that is difficult
  • Legal help on time, works like a pill of sound sleep.
  • It carries emotions.
virtual, Virtual Conference

Versatile and flexible in every sense

How Video Conference works

  • Tell us about you and explain your legal issue in brief.
  • Make your payment online and select the time.
  • Discuss face to face for 30 minutes.
Fees Details Time of Service
Rs. 3,000/- (inclusive of taxes)
Video Conferencing for 30 minutes
around 2 working days

Time does not always solve the problem.
You will have to take right decision.
Don’t wait.

Frequent questions. Quickly answered.

If any individual or company is not satisfied with our advice then we will provide another legal expert without any additional costs.

The average time taken from us to reply is 5 mins to 24 business hours.

Any person or body corporate in India or outside India.

Any matter relating to Civil and Criminal, Family & Matrimonial matters, Civil and Property matters, Banking matters, Business Law Matters, Employment and Labor Matters, RTI, GST, Consumer Protection matters can be taken.

Just give us a call for further clarification.

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