WPracticals- Online Training Courses

‘w’ for Work.

  • Practical examples. Hypothetical problems. Real solutions. Virtual experience. Online Training courses

Can you cook by reading the book? Can you take wicket by reading the rules of Cricket?


Defy the 2 Century old education system.

Less theory, more practical, that too with professional requirements, in working environment. Online training courses.
The practical work is going to earn you money, not just the theory.
Syllabus prepared as per the professional requirements.
Schedule design with flexibility and convenience.
Powerful in technology, purposeful in work.
50 type of courses one immersive experience

Designed for work, in contrast with formal education.

A lot more than internship
Virtual work experience
Executions skills for the entrepreneurs
Around 60 practical online training courses.


A platform to train.

Do you want to upskill your workforce?

Do you want to upskill your workforce?

For Instructors & Teachers

Students want practical learning. Interested to instruct at wPracticals? Impart your practical skills. Earn appreciation and money.