Not just the latest technology.

The better technology.

Automate the routine work with intelligence.

The companies today operate in a complex legal environment facing various risks and compliances. Therefore, for a business to be effective in this environment, it must combine innovation with robustness, functionality with ease of use and flexibility with security. That’s LawDocs.

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Work from home.

Protect, record, automate everything and maximize yourself.

  • Create your documents with ease
  • Record every step in the distributed ledger
  • Simplify your life
  • Put your business on automode
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Artificial Intelligence

Legal knowledge. Artificial intelligence.

AI is at the heart of LawDocs. It automates the routine work so that lesser human effort is required. LawDocs focuses on usability of Technology for making the life easy. From starting the business to compliance, LawDocs Ecosystem delivers everything.



Putting technology to work, ahead of competition.

LawDocs uses Blockchain Technology to create a shared view of all aspects of engagement data for both the contracting parties. While most traditional enterprise technologies are designed as back-end systems aimed to drive internal efficiencies. LawDocs functions as a modern, front-end collaboration platform that brings all parties to the same document/page, driving transparency, trust and alignment.


Machine Learning

An ecosystem that learns from you.

LawDocs features sophisticated, Machine Learning capabilities to deliver deep and accurate capture of unstructured data embedded in contracts. It efficiently converts inert contract data into active individual objects that can be tracked throughout their lifecycle. LawDocs’s Ecosystem becomes smarter with each extraction as it continues to ‘learn’ variations in contract structures and taxonomies, progressively improving the system’s accuracy of extraction.


Cloud Platform

What makes LawDocs better? It now comes with Cloud.

Missing document creates the gap in history and time.  LawDocs offers a robust platform that connects the whole enterprise – from legal, procurement to IT, finance to sales and delivery. It offers the scalability and flexibility required to address the complexity found in today’s enterprise engagements. It employs AngularJS, which facilitates a responsive design and great user experience across all devices. Now, access your document, anytime, anywhere.


Smart Contracts

Documents that speak.

Lack of documentation leads to the problem of acceptance. LawDocs offers the technology of smart contracts. In this system, LawDocs acts as third party to the deal and ensures that both the contracting parties comply with the terms and conditions of the contract. LawDocs platforms encourages the parties to contract with the other parties even when the contracting parties are unknown to each other.

LawDocs has developed the technology relating to Smart Contacts and the product is known as SmartDrafts. LawDocs is an expert in coding the smart contracts. The smart contracts are developed in such a manner that the execution of the contract is never a problem for the parties. This product further minimises the incidents of cheating. The product has been designed on the technology of AI and Blockchain. LawDocs uses shared ledger framework for the execution of the legal agreements.

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