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  • Purchase of Plan
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  • Filing of application
  • Receipt of Shop Licence

Documents required

Papers relating to the business and premises.

  • Application Form (Download)
  • Copy of Photo ID proof of Proprietor / Partners/ Director (preferably Aadhar Card)
  • Copy PAN card proprietor/firm/company
  • Copy of partnership Deed/ MOA or AOA
  • 2 Photo of Proprietor/ Signing Authority
  • Copy of BRN registration
  • Proof of Premises (rent Agreement/ Lease deed)
  • Proof of Premises (rent Agreement/ Lease deed)
  • Latest Electricity bill

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The Fundamental Objective Of The Act:

One of the fundamental purposes behind The Shops and Establishment Act thereby mandating Establishment registration is to make sure all employees are given equal rights and benefits in all foundations, be it the movie theatres, or other places of entertainment.


The Protocols Of The Shop And Establishment Act And Establishment Registration:

The Shop and Establishment Act that comes under the labor laws frames the rules for employers to carefully heed to the number of working hours day-by-day and consistently adhere to the stipulated time for opening and shutting the shop. It also requires the management to observe national and religious leaves, set guidelines for the enlistment of juveniles and women, leaves for maternity and casual leaves. Guidelines for hiring and termination of work, managing annual leaves, maintaining records and register is also mandatory.


Upkeep Of Records Under The Shops And Establishment Act:

All organizations need to request for the approval or endorsement of the labor department and be up-to-date on the particulars of hiring, pay, credit reductions, leaves and so forth under the Shops and Establishment Act. Evidence of yearly leaves, an all-out check of representatives ought to be given up to the MC otherwise called the Municipal Corporation, every year. Nevertheless, these guidelines may vary from one state to the other.


Authorise Prerequisite For The Shops And Establishments Act & Establishment Registration Process:

In accordance to the labor laws, the Shops and Establishment Act permit is an obligatory prerequisite and along these lines, all shops and foundations should join under the businesses and organisation within 30 days from the date of commencing. Additionally, this enlistment is the essential permit which is a necessity for other certificate license. To order and procure the shops and foundation license, PAN card of the shop proprietor or the foundation itself, a photocopy of the rental agreement or deal deed and data about the representatives is required.

Establishment Registration Mandatory For All

Enrollment is an unquestionable requirement for all foundations and business people, including owners working and maintaining a business from their homes. An enlistment, for example, proves to be useful when the proprietor wants to apply for a loan, or create a current bank account.

Business From Home

Owners who wish to maintain their business or foundation from home can do as such without having a physical store. Nevertheless, such business additionally requires this enlistment.

Yes. If you are an owner of a business or have set up a shop in India, you have to adhere to the norms that come under the Shops and Establishment Act and reserve for a license be it in any part of the country. The same can be done via shop act registration online and the registration certificate can be procured which is processed online completely. The shop license must be applied and reserved within the first 30 days of opening your foundation or firm.

Yes. At Vakilsearch, the processing of your online application for the shop act registration online is filed on your behalf. After creating a profile an initiation for online registration of Shops & Establishment is made and the registration certificate can be procured. All you have to do is give us your personal information and make sure your services are catered to 100% online with quick online registration and filings.

When you have a business, it is only wise to register it and order a license to get it running. The same can be done by online application thereby intiating an online registration or filing.This registration is vital, because the income you earn from your business cannot be shown as personal earnings. Further, the earnings from your business is taxable for the same. Additionally, it is illegal to be running a business without a business license.

Keeping your business operational without a license can be very dangerous. If authorities are notified, your shop or business can be sealed and closed. Further, you will be levied with fines for functioning without a license. Even lawsuits can be filed against you by a dissatisfied customer when he gains knowledge that you don’t have a business license. All this will eventually lead to a loss of reputation and unnecessary stress. Therefore following the compliance procedure for your business license is wise.

Also, when a license can be easily acquired through a simple online application, there is no need to operate a business or a shop without a license. Get in touch with Vakilsearch today. Our experts will create an easy online profile for you and get your license with meagre fees.

Depending on the nature of your business your local licensing body may have different names for shop licenses but a retail license, shop license and a business license are all the same and have the same functioning properties and authorities. Vakilsearch will help you acquire the same by intiating an online application on your behalf and helping you fulfill every procedure for the same making the compliance procedure for your license simple and easy with economical payment fees.

The following is the procedure, in case you are looking to cancel your shops and establishment Act license.

  • The prescribed form for the cancellation of application should be filled in fully and coherently.
  • The same should be applied within 10 days of actual closure of the establishment.
  • The registration number of the establishment should be mentioned on the cancellation form including the name, business address and other relevant information.
  • The reason for cancellation of the license must be mentioned in the application form.
  • Make sure the reasons cited for cancellation are valid
  • Finally, a copy of Paid Legal Dues of Employee(s) should also be attached.

Yes. It is mandatory for any establishment which is falling within the area notified under the government Act, registration is mandatory for each and every shop & establishment or any contractor engaging with contract Workers is required to get license.

Yes, it is possible to register for more than one year. As per the selection of years and contractors government fee could be changed.

Yes, every registration is required to submit one month prior the date of renewal.

Broadly speaking the premises governed by the Act are:

  • shops,
  • commercial establishments,
  • residential hotels,
  • clubs,
  • restaurants,
  • eating houses,
  • theatres and
  • other places of public amusement or entertainment.
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