Shipping agreements

Well defined and simple clauses for the transaction of goods.

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List Of Documents Required

property2, Agreement with Advertisement Agent, Advertisement & Media, Partnership and Founders, Trusts and Wakfs, Hire-Purchase, Sale of Goods, Receipts, Hypothecation and Pledge, Cancellation of Instrument,Will, Family Agreement And Settlement, Exchange of Property‚Äč, Indemnity Bond, Bonds, Indemnity and Guarantee


  • Completely filled Form A with signature
  • Original Documents with one set of Xerox copies
  • Two Passport Size Photographs on both copies of documents (Purchaser)
  • Original ID Proof of the concerned Parties (Purchase er and two Witness) like Voter card, PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Adhar Card and in case of companies, power of attorney/board resolution
  • e-Stamp paper with correct value of Stamp duty
  • e-Registration fee Receipt of Registration fee with undertaking / Affidavit
  • If transaction is for more than Rs. 500000/- self at attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60
  • AADHAAR No. If Available

Frequent questions, quickly answered.

Like a shipment contract, a destination contract is type of freight contract that concerns the sale of goods. Risk of loss of damage to the goods while they are in delivery is borne by the seller.

Ex-ship contract law a legal definition under an Ex-Ship contract the seller has to deliver the goods to the buyer at the port destination. In such contracts the property in goods does not pass until actual delivery.

In CIF agreement the seller sales the goods for a price including the cost of insurance and freight. CIF contracts are different from other INCOTERMS especially from FOB (free on board) in certain respect.

Destination contract are such in which goods are the property of seller until they are delivered to the buyer. Once they make it to their destination intact they became the property of the buyer. Shipment contract on the other hand are such where goods are the property of seller until they are delivered to the shipping company.

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