Pleadings And Court Drafts

Civil Pleadings

Find various drafts on money recover suits, cheque bounce cases, suit for permanent injunction, rent law and so on.

Matrimonial Pleadings

Find the pleadings on matrimonial cases such as Section 9, Section 13, Section 125 and so on.

Succession related Pleadings

Find the good quality pleadings and drafts for filing the cases relating to succession and inheritance.

Petitions under Constitutional Law

Explore the drafts of writ petitions on various subjects. Download and edit and file directly before any High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Pleadings under Criminal Law

Find the drafts on criminal law which are prepared as per the procedure and format prescribed in criminal procedure code.

Consumer Law Pleadings

Approach the consumer commissions by drafting yourself. Download the editable drafts and modify them as per your facts and circumstances.

Arbitration Pleadings

Find multiple drafts relating to statement of claims and statement of defense. Also find the drafts/formats prescribed as per the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

Company Law

Drafts and formats relating to Companies and Corporates. Edit and Use the templates to NCLT and other forums.

Energy Law

Download and edit the drafts which are useful in practice before the Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Electricity Ombudsmen.

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