Report against fraud & defaults.

The pursuit of happiness, peace and dispute free business.

Know the credibility of opposite party.

History-sheet of the business.

  • Briefs you regarding financial health of the contracting party.
  • Legal status of entity.
  • Information on past and present litigation.
  • Guidance if you should go ahead for the contract and agreement.

Take informed decisions.

  • Continuously involving rating mechanism.
  • Warns you against the default of opposite party.
  • Know them better with legal Q.
  • Higher the score, more the credibility.
  • Get the report, if you are not sure about the opposite contracting party.

Checkout the Sample Report.

Rate the behaviour of opposite party.

Report against the fraud or credit default.

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Starting 19999 /-* Exclusive of Taxes

Before any business deal, complete verification of the documents helps businesses get the required information, genuineness and reliability of the opposite party. The process can be smoothly done with our expert lawyers.

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