The Courts are going online. Why don’t you?
Be found. Be heard.

Make yourself available for the opportunity to strike.

Create your profile on the LawDocs platform.

Give a presence, online.

Render your services online. Get fee payments in time.

Get empanelled. Get privileged.

Meet the clients online, via LawDocs. Let the people find and connect with you. Access the LawDocs resources and library, free.  LawDocs will help you in everything, to search case laws, to procure drafts for pleadings and so on.

Exercise the Article 19(1)(a)

Participate in the webinars. Air your opinion. Let the people know about the opinion of lawman, that matters.

You shall contribute 50% of the total expenditure for organising, publicising the webinar, editing and uploading the video on internet, posting it on social media, i.e. Rs. 2000/-

Let them find you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Make yourself available, before the dispute, after the dispute. Advise for the dispute prevention. Contest the case for dispute resolution.

Frequent questions. Quickly answered.

No, the creation and maintenance of profile on LawDocs platform is absolutely free.

The client will directly pay to you. You need to pay a small amount to the LawDocs as service fee only when the client pays to you.

LawDocs team will verify if the legal enquiry is genuine and client is serious with the matter. LawDocs will not waste your time. We will show the matching advocates’ profile. The client is free to choose any advocate.

No, the relationship between the advocate and client will be independent. However LawDocs will assist the client by way of technology. The client will be able to track the progress of the case through mobile app.

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