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Hire the LawDocs verified counsels for the Supreme Court, all High Courts, national institutions like NGT, NCLT, AFT, CERC etc.

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  • Tell us about your matter, online.
  • Pay a nominal fee to LawDocs as service & convenience charge.
  • Receive telephonic call for personal touch and better understanding.
  • We will recommend suitable lawyers to you.
  • We help you to choose a Lawyer on the basis of fee structure, experience, capabilities etc.
  • Pay the legal fee to the advocates directly.
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Disclaimer – LawDocs only assists you in contacting the local advocates, there will be independent contract between you and the advocates. LawDocs may not subscribe to the advice tendered to you by the independent advocate.

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No, all the advocates and lawyers are working independently.

No, LawDocs just show you the profile of advocates which match your criteria relating to fee structure, area of specialisation, place etc. LawDocs does not contest the case.

You will have independent contract with the advocate. LawDocs does not solicit or advertise any advocate’s profile.

Yes. LawDocs will charge a nominal amount as service & convenience charge.

You need to tell your matter in brief. We will show you the advocates’ profile that matches your criteria. You can select any advocate and move ahead. You need to pay legal fees to the advocate.

LawDocs just assists you in the matter by showing the advocates’ profile which are available on the LawDocs Advocates Directory. You will select the advocate of your choice and move ahead if you like. You may anytime change your advocate if you are not satisfied.

LawDocs will show you the advocates’ profile. The counsels are verified by LawDocs. You will be able to track the progress of the case on Mobile App.

Yes, your identity, details of the case shall be kept private at our end. But, we do not ensure the same at the end of court because the legal procedure permits to allow and avail the copies of legal documents.

Firstly, you need to provide vakalatnama/power along with relevant papers to contest the case before Court.

LawDocs refers your matter to the independent advocates. It is between you and the advocate. The fees of the case generally depends upon the skills and experience of the advocates.

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