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Ask question. Get immediate answer.

Talk to our proffessional lawyer and knowledgeable expert on date & time of your choice.

Get the solution.

Receive a call at right time. Continue your telephonic conversation until you understand the solution. No limits on call time.

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Talk for wonderful experience.

We calmly listen to you. Then we tell you what you should do. We clear your further doubts. Cut the call only when conversation is complete.

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Common problems. Uncommon wisdom.

Instant advice to any legal problem. The attorneys are equipped with all kinds of material to provide the advice on telephone.

How LawTalk works

Fees Details Time of Service
Rs. 1,000/- (inclusive of taxes)
Telephonic conversation for unlimited minutes
around 2 working days

Skip the guesswork.

Frequent questions. Quickly answered.

You can ask about anything related to your legal situation, such as questions about a specific process, documents or forms related to your legal matter.

Entire process of consultation is private and secure.

You can talk to your selected lawyer till you get answer or solution of your problem. You can ask as many questions as you want and know the appropriate solution for your legal matter.

You can pay online after you select the lawyer and time for the consultation.

No, you only need to pay INR 1000 to talk to our proffessional lawyer. There are no extra or hidden fees that you need to worry about!

Yes. Every consultation is chargeable with Rs. 1000/-

Just give us a call for further clarification.

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