Outsource. Resource.

Complex government rules, compliances, paucity of time.

Not to worry now.

Pro-active. Pre-emptive.

We do it for you, because, we know you have got more important things to do.

  • Designed for MSMEs.
  • Suitable for small capital firms.
  • Outsource your legal work.
  • Access your secure data, any time on the cloud.
  • Available for corporate, businesses and organizations.
  • Added support to your in-house team.
  • Comply with and navigate to the complex government rules and regulations.
  • Correct responses to notices and legal queries.
  • Established your legal office on the cloud, access any time, anywhere.
  • Give directions and directly control your office.
  • Timely completion of work, leads to happy customers.

Statement of work.

 You may focus on business and family, we will do the routine paper work.

  • Review of any and all legal documents for you
  • Advice on Accidents in working premises
  • Advice on consumer court issue
  • Advice in case of income tax raids etc
  • Response to legal notices related to business
  • Examining contracts that have been prepared by other for your execution.
  • Preparing your contracts at lower fees.
  • Documentation of other kinds at lower fees
  • Handling matters for you at more favorable fees and on a priority.
  • Examining documents in sale / purchase of property
  • Advice in Insurance claims to avoid delay and denial.
  • Any other matters, general in nature.

A helping hand is just a call away.

This service is therefore devised to provide you with

  • Telephonic support. email & personal support
  • Handling any other related issue for the future.

Our strengths.

Uncommon in some sense. Common in every sense.

  • Team of legal and paralegal manpower
  • Executing the work as per the directions
  • Prompt and effective service
  • Desired results in time bound manner

Ask us to complete your work. Get it back before deadline.

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