Outsource Resource.​

Complex government rules, compliances, paucity of time.

Not to worry now.

Pro-active. Pre-emptive.

We do it for you, because, we know you have got more important things to do.

• Designed for MSMEs.
• Suitable for small capital firms. Outsource your legal work.
• Access your secure data, any time on the cloud.
• Available for corporate, businesses and organizations.
• Added support to your in-house team.
• Comply with and navigate to the complex government rules and regulations.
• Correct responses to notices and legal queries.
• Established your legal office on the cloud, access any time, anywhere.
• Give directions and directly control your office.
• Timely completion of work, leads to happy customers.

Statement of work.

You may focus on business and family, we will do the routine paper work.
  • Review of any and all legal documents for you
  • Advice on Accidents in working premises
  • Advice on consumer court issue
  • Advice in case of income tax raids etc
  • Response to legal notices related to business
  • Examining contracts that have been prepared by other for your execution.
  • Preparing your contracts at lower fees.
  • Documentation of other kinds at lower fees
  • Handling matters for you at more favorable fees and on a priority.
  • Examining documents in sale / purchase of property
  • Advice in Insurance claims to avoid delay and denial.
  • Any other matters, general in nature.a

A helping hand is just a call away.

This service is therefore devised to provide you with Telephonic support. email & personal support, Handling any other related issue for the future.

Uncommon in some sense. Common in every sense.

Team of legal and paralegal manpower
Executing the work as per the directions
Prompt and effective service
Desired results in time bound manner

Ask us to complete your work.
Get it back before deadline.

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