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IT Consulting Agreement

IT Professional Services Agreement

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Technology Assignment Contract


List Of Documents Required

IT and Net related Contracts 2

General Agreement

  • Proof of right of title/interest
  • e-Stamp paper
  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • e-Registration fee Receipt of Registration fee
  • Original ID Proof of concerned Parties

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Technology contract

9An IT contract or technology contract can be any contract that has to least some connection to the world of IT. Technology contract is practical resource for IT transactional legal work. IT contracts provide practice notes on different types of information technology transformation and transactions as well as the agreements/products encountered in such transactions. 

They are called in popular terms as Net ware or Web ware contracts, they relate to contracts relating to internet like e.g. hosting of a website, registration of a particular domain name, agreements on web server co location etc. Any activity relating to the internet needs certain devices like fax modem, certain programs like windows explorer for net browsing, certain services like net connectivity, provided by internet service providers  like Sify, BSNL etc.

Software contracts is a binding agreement between the owner and the buyer of software product. One can manage and track software contracts with the contract management application. When you create a new software contract.

Understanding procurement contracts begins with a knowledge of what such contracts have in common. All commercial and IT procurement contracts are subject to UCC code (the uniform commercial code) established in 1951.
  1. Statement of work
  2. Item specification
  3. Testing and inspection
  4. Delivery schedule
  5. Warranty expressed or implied
  6. Governing laws
  7. Order of precedence
  8. Title transfer
  9. Termination
  10. Arbitration
  11. Payment schedule

In the world of tech contracts business people and lawyers tend to screw up the same handful clauses in roughly the same way. If you avoid those same mistakes you will greatly improve your contract and protect your bottom line.

Which are as follows:
  • Not pay for maintenance or support before you need it.
  • never use non disclosure agreement for data security.
  • Don’t buy or rely on useless SaaS escrow (software as a service escrow).
  • Don’t let the exceptions swallow you IP indemnity.
  • Include, red and edit specification (Even if you an IT illiterate).

Known by many names like a web design contract, website development agreement or a freelance web design contract could be the most important document when you hire a software company.

This document answers many questions that crop-up while it’s development:
  • The scope of the work going to be designed
  • Whose retaining the rights to the code, IPR and graphics
  • Who will perform testing ?
  • When and how will payment be made ?

Here is a web development checklist to ensure that your agreement covers the most important issue.

  1. Protect privacy
  2. Prevent problems
  3. Protect your product and design
  4. Secure your legal rights

This checklist of item shows how an ideal web development agreement covers every aspects of a project.

  1. Specifications
  2. Progress, update and communication
  3. Clients obligation
  4. Website designer’s obligation
  5. Payment schedule
  6. Intellectual property
  7. Support and maintenance
  8. Confidentiality and non compete agreement
  9. Recordings
  10. Force majeure clause

The purpose of the website is to turn visitors into prospects and to speak to their needs and give them a clear action step to take next.

Having the website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business in online domain. A website also helps you establish credibility as business, most people assume that you have a website since the vast majority or businesses.

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