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List Of Documents Required

Investment Support-and -Business -Funding

General Agreement

  • Proof of right of title/interest
  • e-Stamp paper
  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • e-Registration fee Receipt of Registration fee
  • Original ID Proof of concerned Parties

Recent Updates

Frequent questions, quickly answered.

This is the employment agreement for founders and each founder should sign one ahead of the funding round. It sets out their obligations, director duties, equity vesting schedule and more.

The Founders Pledge is a lightweight version of the Founders Service Agreement – used by idea stage Companies. You should then migrate to a Founders Service Agreement before you start your first funding round.

Yes! Many of the clauses present in the agreement are applicable to companies not taking in external investment e.g. roles and responsibilities, protection of the companies interests, confidentiality clauses, and founder restrictions.

Yes! The Founders Service Agreement is there to protect the company as well as the founding team – and investors will expect to see the warranties, IP assignment, and confidentiality clauses present in the Founders Service Agreement.

No need to create a Shareholders Agreement until you get to a funding round. And then you will need to create Shareholders Agreement that replicates many of the terms present in your Founders Service Agreement.

Yes! Founders Service Agreements are individual documents and each member of the founding team will need to sign one.

Yes! Having the founders equity vested will protect the company, and the rest of the founding team, in the event that a founder leaves. It can be the difference between the Company failing and surviving if this happens! And most investors will insist on founder share vesting anyway.

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