Industrial Design Registration

Protect your industrial design.

Respect of your innovation. Protection of your design.

A brief . . .

Design registration is a very power full tool for protection of an artistic or attractive looks of your product. It is the only feature of your product which may compel a consumer to buy your product among other brands of the same product. It protects ornamental or aesthetic feature of a product.

No one can use or copy of your design without your permission. With the help of this registration you may lead the market.

A real protection to the industry.


Collective interests. Protective rights.


Filing. Examination. Registration.

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Industrial Design Registration

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What Design Protect?

In India, Design registration is covered under the Designs Act, 2000. In India, functionality is protected under Patents and not Industrial Designs which are meant to protect aesthetic appearance or external ornamental such as patterns, colour, lines, shape or surface of the article

Who may apply for Design Registration?

Any person claiming to be the proprietor of any new or original design may apply for registration. A proprietor may be:

A proprietor may be from India or from a Convention Country.

What are the criteria for Design Registration?

A design should:

Is it possible to renew the term of the Design Registration?

No. There is no provision for renewing the period of the Design registration once a period of 15 years is over.

Can the Refusal of Design Registration be appealed?

Yes, the jurisdiction lies with High Court.

How to know whether any registration already exists?

Two different forms have to be used in two different situations.

Request can be made by any individual in form 6 along with the fees and mentioning registration number of the design for which information is required.

Request can be made by any individual in form 7 along with information in his/her possession. Based on such information, controller causes search to be made in class indicated therein as much as possible. Where Form 7 is accompanied by a specimen or representation of the design, such representation or specimen is to be furnished in duplicate.

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