Stand on your legs, for others.

Help the needy with paralegal work. Make the justice accessible to people. Earn pocket money and rise in career. Get assistance from LawDocs, when required.

Get In Black.

All the transactions should be documented, should be based upon solid legal advice. Every transaction should be crystal clear, everything should be done in writing. No oral transactions, no oral promises. Let the people claim justice though documentary proofs. Let the justice not get delayed for the want of evidences.

The color of equality is black at LawDocs.

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Get your profile verified. Assist in the drafting and paralegal work. Conduct legal research and prepare pleadings. Help yourself. Help the needy.

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LawDocs has partnered with wPractical, a powerful online learning platform, for imparting this training. Explore the 10-Day Practical Training. Get facilitated.

Get the Drafting & Pleading Training by LawDocs Experts.

Be better prepared to help the clients. Get e-certificate after completion. Access the LawDocs resources for your professional work.

Adopt futuristic approach.

Learn the ways to serve the clients through technology. You can certainly help the people with dispute prevention, if not dispute resolution.

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Get lifetime free membership of LawDocs. Share knowledge to learn even more. Participate in the social media groups. Interact with the legal fraternity. Access the resources and be prepared for your professional journey.

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Paralegals is not an internship, it’s a professional relationship between you and LawDocs as partners. It’s a ‘’Cloud to Ground’’ strategy, where LawDocs will act as a cloud and you shall work on the ground for the clients

You shall get a professional training from experts. You shall be awarded the certificate upon passing the online live test. You shall get lifetime professional association with LawDocs.

As an assistance to you by LawDocs, the entire library, content, facilities, eSign shall be free for you. You can even use these services for your clients. Since, we have to make this a habit, so, the eSign and other services shall be free for the people also, for some months.

Once training is complete, LawDocs shall start referring the clients to you and start assigning you the online legal and drafting work. You shall do general legal work of the people or drafting of documentation, online and offline both. LawDocs shall also transfer the work to you which LawDocs receives online.

The clients may choose to pay you directly online or offline. If the client pays to LawDocs, then LawDocs shall pay you through UPI, directly to your bank account without deducting any commission or fee.

Just like a pocket money. The assistance fee would depend upon the type of work, consumption of time and many other factors. Since, you are going to help the needy people in their small legal work, so you should not charge much.

You should be recognized as a legal professional. You should have 2-3 publications and a good social media presence. If you don’t have enough publications yet, you may send your entries at The guidelines for article writing are provided on the LawDocs Website.

In the form, you have to choose your area of interest. So, as per your interest, an additional training session shall be conducted so that you can serve the clients better. We won’t focus on theory in the training but the practical applications, real questions so that you can talk and serve the clients efficiently.

Be an active partner, offline and online both with LawDocs. Help the needy and work diligently. Create awareness and make people realize that the dispute prevention is better than fighting the case for years. So, proper legal documentation, not the oral transaction. Also, proper legal advice before any work or transaction.

  • The flow of work from LawDocs to you shall be directly proportional to the work LawDocs gets from clients from your local area or district. It shall also vary on the basis of your recognition and performance.
  • The people/clients will be convinced & approach you only when they see your ability and work. The likelihood of approaching you online will be more if you are active on social media and internet.
  • The assignment of work to you shall depend upon your performance, skills, punctuality and satisfaction of client. LawDocs shall have the right to make an assessment of your work.
  • All the Paralegals shall be bound by the policies of LawDocs, which may change upon time.
  • LawDocs shall not be liable if any paralegal does not get paid properly by the client.
  • LawDocs shall not be liable for the acts and omissions by a paralegal while doing the work.


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