LawDocs is not a law firm or chartered accountancy firm. LawDocs does not provide any direct litigation services. It only facilitates the drafting of business documents and legal agreements in a manner which is excisable and understandable to a common man. The templates provided by the LawDocs are standard and are in common formats. One may specify or add or alter the content mentioned in the template. These templates are suggestive in nature and cannot be construed to be or a substitute or alternative of a legal advice. The content of the templates is similar to the one provided in the draft documents which are mentioned on and downloaded from govt. websites. is a website which provides templates of the business documents. This website provides educational content on its website which may be helpful to the consumer. The templates provided by the LawDocs may not be suitable in the light of changing laws and amendments. LawDocs does not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the content provided in the templates. The use of the website does not create an attorney client relationship between the consumer/user and or its employee.

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