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Curricular vitae is a latin word used for “course of life”. In contrast resume is French word used for “summary”. Both are tailored for the specific job you are applying to provided specific information required for that particular job. Basically, CV is an abbreviation of curricular vitae if a job advertisement ask for it that’s a hint that the employer expects a great deal of life experience and accomplishment including education, original research, presentation you have given and papers or books you have published.

In normal conditions both are used interchangeably but following are the differences between the two terms:

Sr. No.




 It Emphasizes academic accomplishment and credentials

Emphasizes skills and talent


Used when applying for a position in academic fellowship or scholarship programme

It Used when applying for a position in industry, non profit organizations and public sector units.


Length depends upon experience and includes a complete list of publication, posters, presentation made by a candidate

Is no longer then two pages with an additional page for skills and qualifications or a particular task handled for the particular job or a position


Always begins with education and can include name of advisors mentors, and dissertation title or summary. Also used for merit/tenure, review or sabbatical leave.

After one year of industry experience lead with work experience and place, education, section of work handled depending upon the qualifications.


Importance of a complete CV aims to impress recruiters and it is sent as an application to jobs or speculative approach to prospective employers. CVs are important because they are you first and may be the only direct communication with the potential employer. Hence, presentation is the key.

On the other hand purpose of a CV is to provide details of all your academic credentials and professional accomplishment which is used specially for seeking academic or a faculty job as well as for applying for a post doctoral research opportunities, grant of fellowships.

Following are the key elements:
  • Personal details
  • Educational credentials and certificates
  • A Personal statement
  • Academic achievements
  • Employment history
  • Your interests and hobbies
  • References
  • Any other information which is required to mention
  • Sample CV.
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