Simplifying the task to navigate through the complex government rules.

Services and Activities:

  • Internal audits
  • Third-party audits
  • Preparing reports and providing supporting documentation.
  • Security procedures and control
  • Developing and implementing policies & procedures to ensure compliance

Demonstrate compliance with legal mandates through documented assurance assessments.

Fill the form with the Law doc’s compliance.

Business Compliances.

  • Filing of Annual compliances
  • Labour law and compliances
  • Closure and winding up of business
  • Audit and accounting management
  • Time bound service delivery

Customer experiences

“It is faster for me to draft my business documents and contracts, easier for my clients to view them, and best of all I know when they are opened, what has been read, and when they are signed. Loving LawDocs” – Manish kumar

“For years, I’d been preparing agreements the hard way – in Word and then to PDF. Then, I heard about LawDocs and what really sold me was how good looking the proposal looked online, the tracking system is awesome, and it’s always exciting to get that email saying the proposal has been signed.” – Mohit Jangid

“LawDocs is hands down the best purchase I have made in a very long time.. ! It looks professional, it’s easy to use & saves so much time! It’s a game changer for me – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!” – Akshay Sharma

“LawDocs makes the process of going from cold call to closed deal seamless. Once you get on board with this service you’ll never go back to traditional documentation. – Tarun Sharma

I sign more contracts, in less time with LawDocs. My clients love the format, and it saves me about 40 minutes for each proposal… a win-win for all involved. – Divya kumari

“Using LawDocs has completely transformed the way we do business! We contribute that to the professional format of the documents and the speed we can deliver them. We highly recommend LawDocs.” – Yogesh Bhandari

“The data and insights I get from my proposals now has helped a great deal in making my proposals better, as well as how and when I interact with leads that are viewing their proposals.” – Ujjwal Saini

“Since we have incorporated LawDocs, we have reduced the creation time of each proposal by 700%, and increased the response rate by 200%.” – Dev Chauhan

The interface is simple and logical, the drafts look completely professional and the reporting tool keeps me on track. – Kuldeep Verma

“Being a web design agency, we wanted to provide our clients proposals which were easy to read and sign online, rather than a bloated old PDF. LawDocs fitted that bill and the integration with our website is just what we wanted. Now our customers can quickly read each contract and sign without printing, scanning and returning. We highly recommend this solution. – Deepika Sharma

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