Closure of Business

Close. Lock. Forget.

Final procedure, accomplished finally.

Closure Services

  • Closing of Company
  • Closure of LLP
  • Closing an OPC
    Wish to convert your business?

Business Conversion Services

Common Services.

  • Proprietorship to Partnership
  • Proprietorship to LLP
  • Proprietorship to Private Limited Company
  • Proprietorship to OPC
  • Partnership to LLP
  • Partnership to Private Limited Company
  • LLP to Private Limited Company
  • OPC to Private Limited Company
  • Private Limited company to LLP
  • Private company to Public company

Customer Experiences

I decided to close my business. LawDocs helped me doing it securely. Thank you. – Ramesh Jain

The procedure adopted by LawDocs in the delivery of services is secure and confidential but it is also opened to the co-founders or co-partners. It actually creates trust. – Kishan Mohan

One of my company was under liquidation. LawDocs guided me and provided relevant knowledge to me due to which I could close the matter without any issue. – Tara Sharma

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