Centre for Research on
Dispute Resolution

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About us

Centre for Research on Dispute Resolution

The Centre for Research on Dispute Resolution has been set up by LawDocs, Jaipur, with the objective of developing a deep understanding in the field of dispute resolution. The Centre ultimately aims to concretely establish effective processes for resolving disputes, which is facilitated by the research undertaken. 

The Centre seeks to enhance expertise in the various forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, and the like, while also providing space for learning in progressive spheres such as online dispute resolution (ODR). The Centre will provide a platform for students, academicians, researchers, lawyers, etc. to effectively contribute in research on the field of dispute resolution and help in the development of the field in India.

Roles and Opportunities

  • The Centre is on the lookout for the role of Research Scholars interested in the field of dispute resolution.
  • The selected research scholars will get an opportunity to get published with the LawDocs Journal of Applied Law.
  • The scholars will also get an opportunity to get trained by the experts in the field while carrying out their research.
  • The Centre will support the researchers in conducting their research, along with providing education and training to legal interns and students from different parts of the country.
  • The roles are available full-time/part-time on a remote basis.

Role Description

  • The research scholars are required to implement and execute the research projects.
  • To conduct original and verifiable research on relevant issues in the field of dispute resolution..
  • To coordinate and collaborate on the activities relating to the Centre, and help in promotion of the same.
  • Participating in and organizing platforms for discussing issues relating to the research.

Who can Apply

  • Lawyers and legal academicians,
  • Students pursuing their bachelors/masters in Law,
  • People interested in conducting legal research.

Desirable Qualifications

  • People applying for the post should have basic knowledge of law and the various forms of dispute resolution;
  • Excellent research, writing and communication skills;
  • Experience in handling research projects or leadership qualities.

How to Apply

  • Write to _____________ with the subject heading “Research submission___” with:
    • Your CV
    • A published writing sample or extract on an issue of law (not more than 2000 words)
    • Statement of purpose (not more than 500 words)
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