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Apprenticeship training

It is a kind of training that involves following and studying a master of the trade or an activity or process on the job instead of in school. An apprenticeship is when someone is in state or condition of learning from a master in a particular field.

The apprenticeship act

In India, this act was enacted in 1961 and was implemented effectively in 1962. It regulates program of training to apprentices in the industry. So as to confirm to the syllabi, period of training etc. As laid down by the Central apprentice council. And to utilise full facility available in industry to impart practical exposure with a view to meet the requirement of skilled manpower for various industry in the country.

The act envisaged training of trade apprentice. The act was amended in 1973 to include training of graduate and diploma engineers as “graduate and technicians” apprentices. That was further amended in 1986 to bring within its ambit the training of 10+2 vocational streams as “technicians” (vocational apprentices).

Overall, responsibility of implementing the apprenticeship act is with director general of employment and training in the union ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship.

  • For trade apprentices ITI passed fresher DGE & T is also responsible for implementing of the act in respect of trade apprentices in central government. Undertaking through 6 regional directors of apprenticeship training located at Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Faridabad. While state apprenticeship advisors are responsible for implementing the act in respect of a trade in state government undertaking, government department and private establishments.
  • For graduate technicians polytechnic diploma holder and technicians higher secondary vocational passed, apprentices department of education in the ministry of human resource development is responsible for implementation through 4 board of apprenticeship training located at Chennai, Kanpur, Kolkata and Mumbai.

A designated any trade or occupation of any subject in the field of engineering, technology or vocational courses as notified by the Central government.


As far as benefits of apprenticeship are concerned. It is an opportunity for undergoing on the job training and to be exposed to real working environment. One can get a chance to work on advance technology and equipments. Industry specific best practices and learn more about their field. Apprentice become skilled workers once they have acquired the knowledge and a skill in a particular trade. Occupation while help them in getting ways or self employment in addition apprentices get the stipend at the prescribed rates during the training.

In a financial year, an establishment can engage apprentices within a band of 2.5 % to 10 % of the total strength of the establishment including contractual staff. An establishment of total strength of 100 can engage maximum of 10 and minimum of 3 apprentices. An employer or establishment can outsource class room training. The duration of apprenticeship training of graduates, technicians, and vocational apprentices is one year for 137 designated trades.

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