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We the people . . .

Law Docs, We are a few amongst you, like you. Our company believe in transforming society. We are tech-savvy enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs.

We have found a company and have decided to earn our bread and butter by serving you. We are against fraud, that’s why company want everybody to be legally protected. We are futuristic, so publicise the use of e-signatures. Law Docs want some of you to be like us, so we provide online training to you. We love entrepreneurs. That’s why we extend every help in setting up and starting up the business. We are nationalistic because we helped the business in regulatory compliance and deposition of taxes. We are just common people next door.

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What we are not . . .

We are not different than you people. We are not a Law firm or group of advocates.

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We are like mentor and guide to you. You may call us anything you like and anytime you like, the facts is, we are always with you.

Law Docs; Execution. Fulfillment. Accomplishment.

Create the documents that speak. Our drafting is not lesser than crafting.

What we repeatedly do ; excellence than, is not an act but a habit.

We may look like the rest but innovation is what which differentiates us.

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Our USP.

At Law Docs, An ecosystem with a strong work ethic.

Packed with various drafts and possibilities.

  • Entirely Online Operations
  • Pan-India Reach
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Fixed-Prices
  • Customer Relations Manager
  • 10,000+ Business Queries Solved
  • LawDocs is the fast and easy way to incorporate your business
  • Single window solution for documentations.

Regulatory compliance solution.

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Words from CEO

LawDocs is a people’s solution and the credit goes to one and all. We aim to make the life, simple, secure.  We aspire to create an actual ease of doing business. We are using the industry leading technology to make digital life legally secure. We also offer the skill up-gradation through online training courses.

Use the ecosystem to experience yourself. Membership is free. It’s forever free for students and non-profits. Businesses can subscribe the services for more benefits.

So, use it more. Suggest improvements. Make it better.

Best wishes.

Priyanka Prajapati, CEO

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